Keller Williams Realty Palm Springs Welcomes Nathan Heibeck!


Keller Williams Realty is proud to announce Nathan Heibeck, Broker-Associate in Palm Springs. Nathan has been a Top Producing Realtor in multiple real estate markets since 1983. He began his career in the East Bay of San Francisco eventually relocating to The City during the much overheated market of the late 1990’s. Upon arriving in Palm Springs in 2001, he supplemented his sales career with an active real estate investment and design company. His popular design work also led to several relationships with developers of new construction. Nathan’s skill and sharp attention to detail in sales and design also brought about several management opportunities throughout the decades.  He has assisted in building several real estate companies as a General Manager and many individual real estate offices, several from the ground up. Nathan is also known throughout California as an exceptional trainer of new and experienced agents. Thousands have attended his sales, marketing and licensing training programs.

Throughout Nathan’s diverse and exciting career in real estate, the constant foundation of his philosophy has remained: “Hold your client’s interests above all else and remain professional and educated. Service means being part of a solution.” Despite a career which began in the era of 19% interest rates and four major market declines and recoveries throughout the years, Nathan’s philosophy has carried himself as well as many other real estate professionals and their clients to success.

A special thank you to Mark Hilgenberg, Nathan's sponsor. We could not be more thrilled to have Nathan as part of our family. 

Please join me in welcoming Nathan at 760.835.3096 or 

The Keller Williams Family continues to be on the GROW!


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